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S.C.E.N.A.R. Therapy

SCENAR(Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) is an electric device that interacts with your body. Invented by professor Alexander Revenko, it was initially used as a space medicine tool.

A Scenar will:

  • Listen to your body
  • Create adaptation reactions
  • Dismiss the created blockages
  • Promote the healing process

  • I, personally, find it an essential tool to implement the healing process started after the Atlasprofilax ® alignment.

    Please note that Scenar therapy is NOT suitable for individuals with a pacemaker.

    Other services #01

    Amanae ™ Bodywork

    Amanae ™ was founded by Christine Day in the late 90s.
    It is a bodywork modality that combines conscious breath with touch in certain points of the body.
    Our bodies are maps, where all the memories of our life (and sometimes of previous lifetimes) are stored. There are specific points where traumatic experiences lie causing dis-ease. Amanae ™ helps to reactivate those areas so we can breathe those memories out and heal.
    I will work directly on the skin and will keep you under covers except for those areas that we are working on.
    Sessions are strictly confidential.

    Please note: I am still a student in this technique and my work is limited.

    Other services #02

    Contact Maria for more information

    Space clearing and energy release

    All that exists is energy that vibrates at different frequency.
    Negative thoughts and traumatic experiences produce a much denser energy than that of positive thoughts and love.
    Sometimes those dense energies get stuck in buildings, contributing to geopathic stress and attracting more negativity.
    I use a very simple method to clear and release effectively those energies from any building.
    I usually do this work distantly but I am happy to travel on request.

    As every case is different please Contact Maria for an informal chat.

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