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Alta Major Chakra

The Alta Major chakra is an energy centre located at the base of the skull.

Ancient traditions call it 'the mouth of God' / ‘the mouth of the Goddess’ as it is the centre of Divine Inspiration or intuition. Also it does store past lives information.

As it happens with the rest of the chakras, there is a physical counterpart, which old spiritual traditions identify as the Atlas bone. When the atlas is misaligned the amount of Light coming into this chakra is very limited.

Pradma Aon Prakasha, in his book 'The Power of Shakti. 18 Pathways to ignite the energy of the Divine Woman' Destiny books, 2009 , describes beautifully the relation between alta major chakra, atlas alignment and the flow of energy in all that we are.

For further reading about the intimate relation between the atlas and the alta major, please click here

If you are on a path of spiritual growth and would like to discuss how the alignment can also support you in this area of your life, contact me for more information.

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